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Automated accounting: advantages and examples
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Financial information should be available clearly and concisely, but this can be very time-consuming. Aggregating large amounts of data into reports requires time, a resource that most accounting teams can ill afford to spare. Having full visibility into your accounting processes creates transparency.

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This can present a cost-saving measure, reducing the number of bookkeeper hours a company has to pay for. While this may look like a precise example of how AI can replace bookkeepers, that is hardly the end of the story. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for accountants and auditors are projected to grow by 4% between 2019 and 2029, which is on par with the projected average for all occupations. News & World Report ranks accountant No. 13 in its list of Best Business Jobs for 2021, citing its favorable salary and strong job security, among other issues. These men and women obtain plenty of management and marketing skills that make them useful.

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An error in accounting always comes with a price - and automating it can help eliminate that loss. It is accessible through your account and a unique login, instead of requiring physical walls or secured locations. Additionally, all verified integrations make sure that data transfer between platforms is also secure and doesn’t run the risk of wrong hands exchanging information.

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TBH, I don't see this profession being more likely to disappear compared to engineers, lawyers, programmers, etc. This is an important and obvious benefit of automating the accounting process. The more manual and tedious accounting data input tasks you automate through the software program, the more valuable time you can save and focus your efforts and energies elsewhere.

Benefits of Accounting Automation

We hope it’s clear by now that accounting automation isn’t the job-stealing, expensive and overwhelming concept it was once made out to be. If you’re still struggling to get your head around it, though, there is another option. As mentioned, much of today’s advisory hinges on having accessible, accurate and actionable data. While this level of insight is possible without technology, it can take a considerable amount of time and a lot of head scratching. Virtual calendars and task management tools help to mitigate the risk of deadlines being missed.


Now, using the Yamane formula, we get the sample size of 398 individuals required for a quantitative analysis with 5% standard error (95% significance). However, since this is an exploratory qualitative study a sample of 20 persons may be sufficient to shed light on the subject under research taking into consideration the limitation of not being able to generalize data. The impact of automation on the accounting graduates employability comes with much uncertainty, and making future projections is complicated, and thus it is difficult to evaluate such impact. Automate Client Reporting & Statements provides a single platform for practices to build a complete client management system. It saves time on generating client reports based on specific criteria and connects data from multiple sources. Batch processing allows admins to perform multiple tasks in one go rather than performing them individually.

ChatGPT Talks About AI Taking Accountants’ Jobs From the Perspective of an Accountant Losing Their Job to AI

Accounting is one of those professions where there are way more jobs than people who like doing it. Since this field requires more human knowledge and human's own involvement in problem-solving which a machine cannot achieve in the upcoming 20 years and if so achieved there will not be perfection in that. So I confidently say that humans cannot be replaced for this job at least for the next 20yrs in line. Our visitors have voted that it's quite likely this occupation will be replaced. This assessment is further supported by the calculated automation risk level, which estimates 71% chance of automation.

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Automation in accounting has been made easier by the development of APIs, or application programming interfaces, which allow different pieces of software to interact with your accounting system. Now, you can largely plug and play to create automated workflows quickly and easily. FloQast’s suite of easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy solutions enhance the way accounting teams already work. Learn how a FloQast partnership will further enhance the value you provide to your clients. Of course it’s going to be biased to market itself in which the devs of product programmed into, idiot. This article is clickbait garbage of a random person asking a question that gave an extremely vague, biased answer.

Quickly accessing and making sense of it is a key advantage that AI unlocks. I think many of the responses here are confusing book-keeping with accounting. Application of financial reporting standards require judgement, it is not routine, needs human element. AI will certainly tighten the market for accountants and auditors, but the creative aspect of financial engineering and spotting it will still be up to humans. Accountants and auditors are here to stay, but don't expect the 80 hour weeks in your 20's to be a big driver in your success anymore. Routine items will probably be automated and the job characteristics will change but there will always be a need for the profession.


By capitalizing on experience, personality, relationships, and creativity, accountants can carve out careers of the human touch—an increasingly valuable commodity. This combined with the strength of automation offers a clear competitive advantage for accountants to succeed amidst automation. And in today’s “do more with less” environment, the boost in time savings and accuracy couldn’t be more important. Nikko Jones is a former auditor, accountant, and current Account Executive at FloQast. Prior to joining the company, he worked as an auditor at EY before transitioning to the accounting world in 2017.

How Will ChatGPT Impact Accounting?

First, it has direct bank feeds with your automated accounting software, contrary to most of the other banks that connect via an intermediary, which is often the source of broken feeds or transaction issues. Financial professionals, it’s time to move to something far more streamlined when it comes to automated accounts payable. FreshBooks is a cloud-based system that uses AI for accounts payable automation and a variety of automation around other business processes. AI takes data management and processing that would consume the time of many people and presents it in a way that can be used, sometimes right away.

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An automated bookkeeping system can also help in figuring out the deductibles, letting business owners know how much to expect during tax preparation time as soon as transactions come in. Specific entries or records within an accounting automation software can be located almost instantly. Accounting software processes the information it receives automatically and relates this to all existing records in its system. These programs generate relevant structure reports and post the correct timestamps of all related data. However, while many accounting professionals welcome the prospect of a more streamlined approach to accounting principles, there are those who fear that they may lose their jobs to this software technology.

  • When you’re dealing with years worth of data, and millions of transactions - no way could a human eye possibly manage to find one entry.
  • In Accounting is designed to be both practical and forward-thinking.
  • Remember that it is bound to happen in the next couple of decades.
  • Of specific interest and concern is the availability of employment and future challenges.

To shift these relationships into high gear, consider eliminating billable hours and moving to value pricing. how to calculate overtime pay a move that also opens the door to year-round client relationships instead of a once-a-year tax return transaction. That’s why many forward-thinking accountants who were once overloaded with tedious paperwork have taken advantage of automation and evolved their practice into one that goes beyond standard tax preparation and compliance. This consultative approach is not only more lucrative but can also be more fulfilling. By unlocking this new skill set, accountants can become trusted advisors—and that means stronger client relationships, sustained revenue, and a personal touch.

If it can't do that, then why would someone trust it entirely on a multi-million dollar business? It is much easier for a robot to process large amount of data, and keep track of it rather than a human being. I think the team relegated Accountancy to bookkeeping and routine tax prep. This is so scary, imagine all those people like myself who want to become accountants.

Because in my country only accountants can sign a balance sheet, that by law, you need a university degree to do so. Yes, your duties and responsibilities may change, and you will likely have to adapt, but that’s part of every job. Automation and AI technology can help make your job simpler in some ways.

But we all know the truth – it’s just a cost-cutting measure designed to maximize profits. They’ll lay off thousands of accountants and replace them with machines, all in the name of progress and innovation. This research, though exploratory, is considered one of the very few conducted in Lebanon and a new addition to the current scarce knowledge about the subject not only in Lebanon but also abroad.

In fact, 83% of accountants believe that technology can make businesses gain a competitive edge, according to Finance Online. Not only is your data being fed directly into your accounting software, but it also comes with all the necessary information already in place! You never have to worry about chasing down an employee for an errant paper receipt or twiddle your thumbs wondering when your bank is ready to provide their statement.

By developing the practical skills to be successful as accountants from day one, our graduates can immediately advance their careers or enter into highly competitive jobs. Our program is taught by faculty who have achieved the highest levels of education in accounting, finance and law, and are experienced accounting practitioners themselves. Like other professions affected by AI, accountants will need to transform the way they position themselves and communicate with their clients.

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